Georgia Avenue Needs Bus Lanes

From June through August, every Metro stop north of Takoma on the Red Line will temporarily close due to construction. WMATA will activate shuttle bus service to try to replace train service during this period, but these busses will be operating in mixed traffic, traffic which will only get worse as some former rail passengers opt to drive. This means that busses can get stuck in traffic, slowing them down and impacting their reliability, which will in turn make said shuttle even slower, creating a vicious self-fulfilling cycle of ever worsening traffic. 

BUT, there is a solution: Dedicated Bus Lanes.

Dedicated bus lanes will:

- Keep busses out of traffic, increasing reliability and efficiency.

Reduce trip times and increase bus speeds.

- Be easy and cheap to install.

The State Highway Administration has announced plans to put bus lanes on some parts of Georgia Avenue, but not where the worst traffic jams are.

There will be NO bus lanes on Georgia Avenue between the northern end of downtown Wheaton and the 16th Street junction. This is already the most congested portion of Georgia Avenue, so it is where we need bus lanes most!

Bus lanes will speed transit riders past the traffic jams and enable drivers to save time by joining them.

Use the button below to send Secretary Wiedefeld a message to put dedicated bus lanes on ALL of Georgia Avenue from Glenmont Metro Station to the DC border. Bus lanes should be for speed, not just for show!

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