We Need All-Day, Two-Way, Seven Day, MARC Trains

All Day. Two Way. Seven Day. That’s the kind of service an effective regional rail system needs. Unfortunately, right now, the MARC Brunswick Line doesn’t have any of those things. Instead, the trains run only for a few hours on weekdays, into DC in the early morning, and out of DC in the afternoon and early evening.

Do you live in DC or Silver Spring and work in Gaithersburg or Frederick? Sorry, MARC can’t get you there.

Do you have a mid-day appointment in Rockville? No, you can’t take MARC.

Would you like a weekend getaway in Harper’s Ferry or Frederick? No MARC train for you.

The MARC train is wonderful when your schedule aligns with its limited one, but you can’t take MARC if the trains don’t run when or where you’re going. It's time to fix that.

That’s why ACT has been advocating for all-day, two-way, seven-day service on the MARC Brunswick Line all the way to Fredrick, Hagerstown and Brunswick (if not further to Martinsburg, WV) since 2008, as well as extension of MARC service to Hagerstown. What will this take?

  • An agreement with CSX to expand passenger rail through capital improvements and/or state acquisition of the track right of ways, similar to agreements between the Virginia Passenger Rail Authority and Norfolk Southern.

  • Additional funding for a minimum of one train per hour in each direction off-peak, and up to four trains an hour on-peak. Service frequency should increase as ridership increases.

  • Adding platforms at Point of Rocks Station to allow for trains to/from Fredrick to board and disembark passengers there.

  • Upgrades at all station to meet the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

  • Additional train cars and engines to facilitate higher levels of service and accessibility.

All-day, two-way, seven-day, frequent MARC service will save people time and money, support the economy, protect our air and water, and help protect the global climate for future generations.

It's a win for everyone. Let’s make it happen!