For Immediate Release; Monday, April 24, 2023: WMATA Bus Plan

The Action Committee for Transit hailed the map of expanded and realigned Metrobus service released last week by WMATA as a bold vision for transit in the DMV region.

The new plan would increase the number of Metrobus routes that run every 20 minutes or better all day from 36 to 100 and enhance East-West bus service in Montgomery County between the two northern spokes of the Red Line.

"Transit that comes frequently all day long empowers you to free yourself from the expense and trouble of car ownership," said ACT president Amy Frieder. "ACT has long believed that fast, frequent, reliable, all-day service is the most effective way to build ridership."

"It's exciting to see Metro take the lead in planning for the transit service our region needs," Frieder added. She promised that ACT will work with WMATA and other stakeholders to perfect the new route map and advocate for the needed financing from governments in Maryland, Virginia, and the District.