Tell Delegate Krimm You Want Trains, not Tolls

Expanding MARC Brunswick Line service is a cost effective alternative to Governor Hogan's multi-billion dollar proposal for destructive toll lanes on I-270. The Maryland legislature is considering a bill, HB 102, to require county approval for new toll lanes, simply expanding the local control already enjoyed by Eastern Shore counties. 

If you reside in Delegate Carol Krimm's district 3A (mostly Frederick City), please sign this petition urging her to support the bill. Please also send her a personal email at [email protected] and tell her, in your own words, why Maryland should develop alternatives like more MARC trains instead of widening I-270 with $41 toll lanes. Be sure to mention HB 102 and include your home address.

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Petition to Delegate Carol Krimm

Delegate Carol Krimm
Maryland House of Delegates

Governor Hogan plans to widen I-270 by adding toll lanes. To pay for construction with tolls, the one-way toll in rush hour from Frederick to Shady Grove has to be $41. Few drivers can afford such high tolls, so taxpayers will inevitably get stuck with the bill.

Instead, we should build another track for the MARC rail line. Trains could then run all day back and forth between Frederick and DC. This would move as many people as the toll lanes, cost less, and be better for the environment.

The Hogan administration has rushed the toll lane project through without adequately informing the public or consulting local officials. Meanwhile it is stalling on plans for more MARC trains.

Delegate Krimm, we need you to support HB 102, which would require county approval of new toll roads. This bill would put a needed check on the highway-building juggernaut, so that we can create a balanced transportation system that provides good transit alternatives to our ever-crowded highways. Please support HB 102.

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